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Hailing from the small town of Tulia, TX in the panhandle of our great state comes the melodic sounds of Chad Miller.


 Chad was brought up on the original Texas Country music of Bob Willis and that good ole Western swing.  You can feel Chad's heart and soul being poured out in any song his writes or sings.  He brings a somewhat gruff sound to his voice as well that leaves you listening to a very unique singer/songwriter. Chad started out by learning popular cover songs, like most of us in this industry, but his strong suit is for sure his ability to write engaging original songs.  He has a way all his own of telling stories through song and we at the office are very grateful that Chad found us on Instagram.  He is a singer/songwriter you do not want to pass up on.  If you're up and around the panhandle area, stop in and see Chad live! Unique all his own is his "virtual tip jar" which we had never seen before and though that was very clever.  Keep up the good work Chad, hope to see you live one day soon my friend!

                                                                                                                                            -Texas Local Live 


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